It’s official! I’m no longer a 4th grader!(tarheelmom note: all 4s on her report card…for those non locals who read this, that means straight As!) My mom and I went to get a pedicure!! When I got there i sat in this HUGE chair and it was black and it had a remote. The remote gave you the choice to have the chair give you a massage! So of course I chose to do that! Now when you choose you have options of what the massage should feel like and there are six options…… I chose all six! :) It felt good against my back!

Then i got to chose colors. Since i couldn’t decide between two colors, turquoise and light purple, I decided to alternate between each toe starting with with turquoise on the big toe and so on and so forth.

Yay for summer toes!

The great thing was that my feet up to my knees got a massage! The girl doing my toes rubbed my legs and feet down with bath salt and then we put lotion on them after she rinsed them. Then she tickled my feet with that scrubby thing :). After that she started to paint my nails.

The colors are very pretty and I was happy with my choices. When the painting was done I decided to get a design on my big toes. On one of my big toes she drew a palm tree WITH coconuts and on the other big toe she drew a palm tree WITHOUT coconuts.


She was a really good drawer.

Afterwards when i got up from the chair my coconut palm tree big toe SMUDGED! I was very upset because they had to wipe off the whole big toe! But after that she redrew the design.

While my mom was getting a manicure i got a blueberry lollipop and my teeth my lips and my tongue turned blue as fast as you could say 12345!! So i was a little embarrassed but I didn’t mind TOO much! Then my pedicure morning was over. :)

Welcome summer! My toes are ready for you!!