I know this isn’t a recipe and I promise I’m typing one up just as soon as I finish this post…a cool summer time recipe I’m certain you’ll enjoy. But, now I want to tell you about my new summer hairdo.

I really love getting my hair done. It’s a luxury in life that I savor to the fullest. The woman who works her magic on me is simply the greatest! Her name is Lindsay and she works at Douglas Carroll Salon & Spa¬†here in North Raleigh. She’s been doing my hair for years. She’s also been doing Baby B’s hair since she sprouted her first little curl. Lindsay is the best and I trust her implicitly. I always enjoy the way Lindsay goes on and on explaining the hows and whys of what she’s about to do, as if I understand a word of what’s she’s saying! I just nod my head, smile and agree with whatever she says…our system must be working, I’ve never left her chair disappointed! She knows me so well. She also knows my Hubs would get all shouty and have a cow if I ever chopped off my locks again so she keeps me on task when I get a wild hair across my ass and start talking about bobs and short dos! Since playing around with my length is off the table, Lindsay and I like to toy with my color. The last time I was in for my regular maintenance on my wiry grays…seriously, what is it with those gray hairs, why must they always stand at attention and glow like a beacon under the lights? Evil, evil gray hairs…anyway, the last time I was in, Lindsay mentioned trying an ombre style/technique on my next visit. Since Lindsay is a genius, I came home to investigate this ombre thing she mentioned. Well, one look and I was hooked! I realize it’s not new to the fashion world but it’s new to me.

example of ombre technique

Here’s a pic I found on the internet, notice how it’s lighter on the bottom and gets darker towards the top…ombre. Love it! Perfect year round but especially fun and flirty for summer, no?!!? Yes, I might be a tarheelmom, but I’m still flirty, and I’d never wear mom jeans.

So, today, I went in to try something new, fun, sexy and flirty. It’s subtle and gorgeous and I LOVE IT!!! Here are before and after pictures.

Before…slightly boring

After-fun, flirty, sexy summer hair!!

Sorry, no pics of my face, I really hate having my picture taken – my smile is far too goofy for publication and I’m not that adept at photoshop!! Around my face, the highlights hit just at my nose. I love it. LOVE IT!! Oh, Douglas Carroll Salon didn’t pay me to write this, nor did they pay for my new do…this is just me, gushing like a maniac all on my own, unprovoked! If you live in North Raleigh, check out Lindsay – she’s the best. If you don’t live close by, well…that sucks for you but I’m sure you can find someone to set you up…I’m also certain that someone won’t be nearly as brilliant as my someone!!Happy Summer and don’t forget to get your flirt on!!