So I’m back. Yes, I know I say that a lot over here but I have a schedule and I’m gonna keep to it. I’m kicking off September with a little question for you.

How on Earth is it possible that this guy just finished his first week of high school?!!?

Big Guy…age 4

Seriously?!!? I’m freaking out over here. So far so good on the high school front. Getting up at 0’dark thirty hasn’t been fun but our bodies are beginning to adjust. The biggest problem has been getting ME to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m sort of a night owl but because I refuse to be a grouch to my kids in the morning, my bedtime has shifted to more of the before 10PM hour. It must be working, I woke up today, a Saturday, at 7AM and honestly, didn’t hate it!

Baby B started her final year of elementary school this week. As a 5th grader, she’s officially the big fish in her little pond. She loves her teacher and seems really pleased with her classroom situation. Baby B is a part of Safety Patrol so she gets to school a little early to don her orange safety vest and help usher kids through the school in an orderly fashion. If you know my Baby B, you know she’s a huge stickler for following the rules and walking the line. Needless to say, Safety Patrol is right up her alley!

I know you guys come here for the recipes so have no fear, I’ve got some great ones lined up to share. I follow some really awesome blogger/foodie/chef types who’ve kept me busy this summer. I’ve been cooking up a storm and taking lots of pictures. I wish I could say my photography skills improved over the summer but hey, who doesn’t love a work in progress?!!? I’ll leave you with a question on this holiday weekend. How was your kid’s first week of school? Any big milestones go down at your house? Any tears? Were those grown up tears or kid tears? Any big plans for the rest of the year?