Well, that has to be the longest hiatus in the history of hiatuses! 3 years…geez, I kinda suck, sorry! I’m back and I’m going to give this thing a shot one more time. The way I see it, I pay for the domain name and all of that jazz, so it’s silly to waste my money and seriously, how cool is the website name…Tarheelmom.com deserves some recognition, yo!

I’m going to go a slightly different route with this go around. I’ve had some changes in my life and I have some exciting things on the horizon so I’m going to use this site as a bit of a journal. Yep, data dump city for anyone that decides to read this. Hopefully you’ll find my dumps interesting…or at the very least, slightly funny. (and yes, the dump joke was intentional – gotta test the baseline on my humor button!)

First up…we moved! It’s official, Tarheelmom.com has returned home! We packed up and high tailed it out of Raleigh and back to Chapel Hill in December (2014) and we freaking love it here! Man, if you don’t live in Chapel Hill, you are sorely missing out – I swear the sky is a little prettier and the air is certainly cleaner. The Man is still with his job and traveling all over the place. The Boy will be a senior in High School this year which is absolutely insane. He’s 17 years old and between the driving and the letters from different colleges, I’m a wee bit of a mess. He’s a very good kid and I’m extremely proud of him. The Girl is a teenager! What? She’s 13 years old and going into 8th grade. She’s whip smart, funny and fearless. She’s nothing short of awesome and she makes me proud every day. The Girl still has an egg allergy but it’s completely manageable. After her study at Duke University, she’s able to tolerate baked eggs – so hello muffins, cakes, cookies. She still can’t have things like mayo (which is gross anyway so no big) and things that use egg as a binder like, say, black bean burgers…unless it’s been baked at 350 degrees for at least 15 minutes. Anyway, even with that caveat, life is exponentially easier to manage for her…us. Now for part two of the big news…(part one being the big Move) we are getting another kid. No, I’m not pregnant, that ship has sailed but on Monday evening, E will arrive! We are hosting an exchange student, let’s call her E – she’s 16 years old and is from Italy. She will live with us for the entire school year. The house is all abuzz in prep for her arrival. It’s going to be a big adjustment but I think, in the end, it’ll be a great experience for all of us. In fact, documenting her stay is one of the reasons I got back on this blog bandwagon.

As for me – I’m good. I’m suffering from impending empty nest syndrome a bit…ok, a lot but I’m good. I’ve been doing some freelance writing for some publishing houses which is only awesome, I have another blog that has really taken off – it’s not really a family site so I’ll keep that under my hat and, I’m contemplating going back to work outside of the home. I mean for real, a person can only vacuum a floor so many times. I’ve been working on my resume, which is an exceptionally daunting task considering I’ve not needed one for more than 17 years, but it’s getting there. I owe a lot of that to my dear sweet friend Lo – she has been instrumental in giving me the gentle nudges I need to trust that I can, in fact, do this. Of course The Man is always supportive, and somewhat offended that it took Lo’s words to finally get me going but he loves her almost as much as I do, so he’ll survive!

My brain tumor is still there, sitting pretty on my right pons but it’s managed. I’ve learned to control my stress level and I say no to things I really don’t want to do (sorry bake sale and ladies who cut sandwiches into silly shapes). I need to get back in for another check up/MRI but I’ve been lazy…I know that’s stupid but the numbness in my face is almost nonexistent and I’m not suffering any vertigo. I do have a little trouble bouncing back if I miss too much sleep or if I’m sick but seriously, that could just be me getting older. I’m 45 now and while I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been, they don’t lie when they say you feel it after 40. I’m finding if I simply slow down and pay attention – I’m smart enough to do the right thing…see, getting older comes with lots of new skills!

Ok, so that’s my catch up in a nutshell. I realize I’m pretty much talking to myself here but that’s ok, I do that a lot, I’m used to it…I answer myself too and I sing in the shower so it’s all good! I’ll be back and I promise to be chatty…and honest. I mean, nothing says good times like opening up your journal for all the world to see, right?!!?