I’m a stay at home mom full of thoughts and opinions. I have an 13 year old daughter with a food allergy(eggs), a teenage son finishing high school and getting ready for college and a wonderful husband with a very loud inside voice who often works from home. I love food and cooking…one has to embrace that skill to keep a food allergic child safe and well fed–I try very hard to live a green life without being too preachy–I love reading, certain television shows-NEVER reality tv and going to the movies so I’m sure I’ll tell you what I think about that–celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure. I’ve been told I tend to write like I talk…not always sure that’s a compliment! I think more people would get my humor if I could find that ever elusive sarcasm font! Oh, and swearing…it happens, even around the kids – hey, they’ve gotta learn it from someone, may as well be family!